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Williams Electronic Games Inc.
Year Released:

Sold On:

August 28th, 2021


This one is a survivor, it spent most of its life at the Sea Mist Ocean Front Resort and was later transferred to Family Kingdom, which featured some of the worst kept machines in the US! Interesting article about this machine’s previous conditions were written by Credit Dot in 2017.

Lots of work was done to get this pinball to where it is now. The game now plays without any issues.

+ Playfield and cabinet cleaned out; metal parts tumbled polished.
+ Rebuilt flippers, pop bumpers, drop targets, and all other solenoid mechs.
+ All new Comet LEDs + Pinball Life rubbers
+ New top playfield, center ramp, legs, playfield glass, translite, ramp motor, GI relay.
+ Many new connectors, reflowed headers, recapped PSU, updated ROMs, remote battery holder.
+ The side art is gorgeous! No fade and barely any damage.

-The cabinet has some wear notably around the backbox and the front of the body.
-The playfield shows some wear around the ramp and in the back, and is slightly yellowed.
-No knocker.

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