Services: What we do

Some of the current services we offer for the machines that come in. Our list of skills is always expanding! Each machine that comes through gives us the opportunity to learn something new! Note: Electromechanical (EM) pinball machines and redemption arcades are not offered at this time, but will be offered in the future!

Arcade Work

Arcades from any era!

  • Monitor rebuild and basic repair

  • Monitor calibration and adjustment

  • Power supply rebuild and basic repair

  • Edge connector and Molex connector repair /  replacement.

  • Basic PCB repair

  • Clean Installation of mods, LED Marquee, etc.

  • Cosmetic Touchup

  • Cabinet repair​

  • Refurbish controls and control panels

    • Install new overlays​

    • Rebuild joysticks and controllers

Pinball Work

Solid state machines only

  • Board rebuilds and basic repair 

    • MPU boards​

    • Driver boards

    • Sound boards

    • Power boards

  • Basic mechanical troubleshooting

  • NVRAM installation

  • Clean mod installation

  • Molex connector repair and replacement.

  • LED conversion

  • Playfield cleaning / restoring

    • Full teardown / cleaned and waxed

    • Rubber replacement

    • Replace broken plastics and ramps

    • Clean upper playfield hardware

    • Rebuild solenoid modules

    • Fix broken / burnt components

    • Playfield touchup

  • Cabinet sanding / wood repair

Machine Repair Inquiry

All repairs are done here at our shop. We currently do not offer house calls, but plan on doing so later in the future. We do not have a fixed rate, as the price for each project will vary. If you would like inquire further, please send us an e-mail or reach out to us via Messenger on one of our social medias