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Black Hole

Year Released:

Sold On:

June 1st, 2022

Partially Restored

Gottlieb's legendary pinball machine! Black Hole is not only a fun machine, it's very hard! Some features to this machine are the distinct lower playfield (the first to be made, and it's memorizing backglass with the spinning blackhole and the infinity mirror effect. This machine was previously restored by another person so this machines just needed some servicing and it's ready to go!

+ Previous owner added LEDs, new motor, new legs, touched up + clear coated cabinet and playfield, new set of plastics for upper and lower playfields.
+ Player 3 score window was replaced.
+ Audio boards were fixed and re-capped.
+ Brand new rubbers and balls installed.
+ Extra wire added to MPU to Driver board connector for a tighter ground connection.
+ Free play jumper added (can easily be removed).

- MPU shows signs of previous battery acid damage, but still functions normally.
- Audio board has some rough traces from previous work, but functions normally.
- The cabinet touch-up is sloppy in some areas when inspecting closely.

You can find a video of this in action on our Youtube channel:

No shipping is available at this time. Pick-up is in Jamestown, NC.
To inquire about this product, please send us an e-mail or reach out to us via Messenger on one of our social medias. If you have any questions or need additional pictures do not hesitate to ask.

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