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4-Slot Big Red Neo Geo

Year Released:

Sold On:

February 12th, 2022

Partially Restored

This is the “Big Red” Neo Geo variant that features a taller marquee/speaker area. The machine plays with no issues and looks great!

+ Monitor was cleaned and recapped.
+ Main PCB was fully cleaned and recapped + installed a button battery holder (Recharge circuit has been disabled, holder is located on bottom of the board for easy access).
+ Control panel was powder coated, new overlay + headphone sticker from Szabo’s Arcade.
+ Joysticks were cleaned and rebuilt, and all new buttons were installed.
+ Cabinet is very nice, with only some wear near the bottom.
+ Come with a generic multi-cart + Windjammers. Easily the best game on the Neo Geo!
+ New t-molding, new feet, new mini marquees, and custom coin eject inserts.

- The control panel coin counter displays and the headphone jack all work. I don’t have a memory card so I cannot say for sure the memory card slot works.
- The EL panels have faded and no longer light up. LED panels would make a great addition!
- There is a bit of convergence that is off but isn’t too noticeable while playing a game.
- The power supply is still original and works, but the fan is a bit loud.

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