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Vs. Red Tent Cocktail

Year Released:

Sold On:

March 12th, 2021


This is a very early model (Serial # 00174) With the Japanese writing on the control panels and the access door by the transformer. For any fans of the Nintendo Vs., this is the ultimate package with some of the best games on the system! The Cabinet does not come with a set of keys keys or locks on the coin buckets. Keys and Locks can be purchased on Mikes Arcade. The green is weak on the monitor running Ice climbers, but a few color adjustments and its hardly noticeable on some titles. The monitor could just need some additional tweaking or a tube rejuvenation.

+ Both monitors were bullet-proofed with a new HOT, Flyback, and Capacitors. The monitors have mild burn-in, but isn’t very noticeable behind the tinted plexi.
+ Control panels were cleaned and powder coated. All buttons are brand new from Mikes Arcade, and the joysticks were cleaned and rebuilt.
+ Includes 2 Multi Vs. kits, which are able to select between a total of 12 unique games. (List is included in pictures)
+ Brand new switching power supply with the proper -24v for the coin mechs.
+ Extra Vs. Board, Extra self-made instruction cards and extra chips (Working 2A03 CPU, Untested 2C05 PPPU, Non-working 0003 PPU)

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