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Revenge From Mars

Bally Manufacturing Co.
Year Released:

Sold On:

February 18th, 2022


This was their last attempt at revolutionizing the pinball industry before closing their doors shorty after. After months of work on this machine, it looks stunning and plays well! Comes with an extra NOS translite (has some damage but perfectly useable), a few extra plastics, and a full playfield protector!
The head will have to be separated as the machine does not fold down like a normal pinball cabinet.

+ Monitor was replaced with a 20” Dell IPS screen. The old CRT tube failed and was replaced with an LCD. Despite it, the picture looks good! Everything was installed neatly and properly.
+ Running an original Pinball 2000 computer, with a new power supply and Noctua CPU fan mod. The code has been updated to the latest custom firmware (V2.23).
+ Playfield was stripped down and fully cleaned with all topside metal parts being cleaned and polished. Almost no wear to the playfield at all! Brand new Titan rubbers and Comet LEDs+ Flashers were installed.
+ Flippers fully rebuilt. All mechanisms underneath were cleaned and had their coil sleeves replaced. New center flap + fully protected scoop hole.
+ Cabinet is gorgeous, there is hardly a scratch on it!
+ NOS translite installed. Shipped to me with a few dents but not noticeable. LED light fixture was installed.

- The coin door has had the second coin mechanism removed, with the orange insert glued into the coin door.
- The screen will slightly bounce occasionally. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s how the older revision computer motherboards handle the video output when using a VGA converter. (See first video attached).
It seems to be worse when the null modem cable is connected so I have it disconnected for now.

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