Mata Hari

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May 21st, 2022


Mata Hari is a solid state classic, featuring a symmetrical playfield layout and gorgeous artwork. Although it's a solid state, this machine still uses chimes for the sounds in the game. This machine was completely dead when I received it and now plays beautifully again.

+ Band new Alltek MPU and X-Pin rectifier board.
+ Brand new X-Pin 6 digit LED displays.
+ Retro Comet warm white bullet LEDs with X-Pin anti-flicker board to keep the original feel of the game.
+ Driver board received new headers, new caps and proper ground mods.
+ All MPU, driver, and rectifier connectors re-pinned.
+ Backglass is in very good shape, new trim added to all sides.
+ Chimes were fully rebuilt.
+ Playfield is in very good shape, was fully disassembled, cleaned and waxed. Most metal parts were cleaned and polished in a tumbler.
+ All solenoid mechs were fully disassembled and rebuilt. Flippers are strong, fully rebuilt with new bats.
+ New rubbers, ball, drop targets, pop bumper assemblies, leg bolts, leg levelers, shooter rod, flipper buttons, coin door sticker, power cord, playfield glass.

- Cabinet is faded and worn all around.
- One plastic is broken. A replacement plastic was ordered but does not match the others in color.

You can find a video of this in action on our Youtube channel:

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