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Ghosts N Goblins

Year Released:

Sold On:

February 13th, 2022


This machine works great and is infamous as one of the hardest arcades of its era.

+ CRT monitor recapped and installed (originally LCD).
+ Control panel powder coated w/ new CPO.
+ Brand new NOS Wico joystick
+ New side art from Arcade Art Shop
+ Game board works without any issues.
+ New edge connector for PCB.
+ New t-molding, feet, coin door connector, LED light fixture.

- The monitor is not the original Hantarex monitor, but a Wells Gardner K7000. (You could technically call this an upgrade). The monitor however has some poker burn in that is quite noticeable in light. You can hardly see the burn in when the game is running.
- Slight wear near the bottom, but no broken pieces. The back door is also missing a section at the top.

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