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F-14 Tomcat

Williams Electronic Games Inc.
Year Released:

Sold On:

April 23rd, 2022

Partially Restored

When I picked this machine up, it was in pieces! After months of hard work, I finally got this machine up and running after being down for over 8 years. This game plays FAST due to the clear coat on the playfield and can be quite brutal. The addition of LEDs makes the light show on this machine even better.

+ Playfield was clear coated by previous owner with all new insert decals, Reese wooden rails installed
+ All plastics are in good shape with no cracks
+ Original translite in excellent shape
+ Strong original gas display
+ Full Comet LEDs (even flashers + beacons) + Titan rubbers
+ Missing flashers mod: restores the 2 missing red flashers in the back
+ All boards serviced: Power board + sound board recap, NVRAM on MPU
+ Beacon assembly fully rebuild with new belts
+ Bridge rectifier fuse mod added as a safety measure
+ Every solenoid mech was cleaned and rebuilt with new sleeves
+ New shooter rod parts, playfield glass, clear beacon, legs + bolts, metal leg protectors
+ Cabinet was touched up a little bit

- The wood had to be repaired by the interlock switch. It's solid and shouldn't break again but it was never fully touched up
- There is a small place where the clear coat separated near a post on the right

For more about this machine, please see this page:

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