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Doctor Who

Bally Manufacturing Co.
Year Released:

Sold On:

September 25th, 2021

Fully Restored

When I first bought this pinball in 2018 at the Winston Salem auction, it was a wreck. Now it is one of the nicest Doctor Who’s I’ve seen!

+ New backbox, speaker panel, side rails and new cabinet art.
+ Cabinet has a new bottom and repainted, all grounding braid redone.
+ All new Comet LEDs + Titan rubbers
+ New ramps and time expander plastic.
+ Completely rebuilt Time Expander, works 100%.
+ Rebuild Flippers and Pop Bumpers.
+ Dalek with Basement Arcade moving Dalek kit.
+ Color DMD, Flipper Fidelity Speakers and art blades.
+ Powder coated legs, hinges and coin door.

- Light board in the backbox has water damage, as the previous backbox was badly water damaged.

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