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Black Knight 2000

Williams Electronic Games Inc.
Year Released:

Sold On:

April 22nd, 2021


Original playfield looks amazing and probably the best I’ve seen, has to had day 1 Mylar on it. Magna save area has very minor wear. I took apart the playfield and gave it a good cleaning and waxing. Back glass has no flaking and is in excellent condition, only minor scuffs. The cabinet itself has no typical sun fade, with very bright reds. The right side of the cabinet has some wear but could easily be patched up.

+ Game plays 100% with no known issues.
+ Flippers got rebuilt WPS style for more snappier action.
+ LEDs installed, with purple incandescent flashers. (Previous owner’s decision)
+ Both drop target opto boards replaced, all drop targets have new decals.
+ Original System 11B MPU installed for the most accurate sound.
+ Sound board was completely rebuilt and recapped.
+ Flipper Fidelity speakers installed, sounds amazing!
+ Brand new interconnect board and power board.
+ Original gas display still very strong.

- One wire ramp could be fixed; however, it does not affect gameplay. (See last picture)
- Few plastics have broken in sensitive areas.

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